Sunday, 18 December 2016

A Trip To Zoo Malaka

Yesterday(Saturday),We went to Zoo Melaka.

Firstly we rode the tram ride,which is basically a ride that tours you around the zoo.I don't have my phone since it has run out of batteries.But my little brother Hazmi had his phone on.So he took some pictures of the animals.Then we stopped for a bit and took some pictures of elephants.Foto Rafshila Romli.

After the tram ride we heard that there is a bird show.Before we went there,we took some photos with birds and bought some snacks

Foto Rafshila Romli.

Then we went to the bird show.It was really fun,first there was a parrot that raised a,then another parrot threw some garbage in garbage bin,after that another parrot was playing basketball.lastly there was a genius parrot(they kind of exaggarated it a little bit).The parrot was supposed to answer a math question and spelling test,however it got it wrong.Then ducks,geese and swans came in as the finale.Then we took pictures with a snake and some birds

 It was a really memorable day

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My Very Own Steam Account

I finally have had a steam account!
This is the steam logo
Now that I had a steam account I started downloading some games,my first download was the gamemaker progam.The game maker detail is in another blog.

Then I downloaded Team Fotress 2 and Dota2.I downloaded Dota2 because my father asked me though and for some reason Dota2 doesn't respond 

Team Fotress 2 works incredibelly well,there were hardly any lag even though it only happened one time.It was also really fun.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

My Progamming Dream

My Progamming Dream:

This is the GameMakerStudio
I always wanted to be a progammer,so I downloaded GameMakerStudio on my laptop.I opened to start coding just to realize I don't really know how to code yet...

So I watched GameMakerStudio tutorials on Youtube.Amd right now im still leraning the basics.Currently now i only know how to rotate and move things in GameMakerStudio.

Maybe in the future I can do decent games?
I really hope that will be true.

Friday, 9 December 2016

My Wimpy Kid book collection

My Wimpy Kid Book Collection:
All the books in the series(Except 2 books)
How I got to know the series:
One random day in my school,when i was sitting on the pavillion I saw some kid reading a blue english novel book.I  asked him if I can read it,he allowed me to read it.Turns out that the kid was a teacher's son.My mom asked the teacher if I can borrow the book.the teacher agreed.After I finished reading the book I returned it.Then when we were shopping as Badan(in Angsana),I noticed there were more wimpy kid books .For some reason though,badan stop selling the books.So we bought the rest at Aeon

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hello world of blogging!

 Hello world of blogging!I finally had a laptop.This means that I can finally do blogs!.In this blog i will tell my life story,my belongings and etc.

Firstly i will tell about how i got this laptop.

How i got this laptop:
I always got A's in my exams.So my mom decided to give me her old laptop.When I got her old laptop I quickly downloaded a game me and my brother played the game,we really enjoyed it.The next day which is today my mom introduced me to blogging.

Hello,Its me the owner of the blog.
This is how i look